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AyuBliss Healing Spa Club

$99.00 per Month

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The AyuBliss Healing Spa Club at Ayutherapy is designed for our clients that love their regular dose of healing, bliss, maintenance, relaxation, restoration in the personalized manner that only Ayutherapy delivers. It’s our way of saying thank you to our regular therapy patrons in the way they love and appreciate! Our club is unique, and we have many services that you can select from to give you a wide range of therapy choices at special club member only prices, so you could go months and not receive the same treatment twice!

Membership to the AyuBliss Healing Spa Club costs $99 per month. For this, you can choose from one of FIVE treatments per month. These treatments, individually purchased, would cost $125 each.

With AyuBliss Healing Spa Club Membership, you are not limited to choosing only one of the FIVE services. In fact we have several different services which you can choose from dependent on how you feel and what you need or want in any given month.

How The AyuBliss Healing Spa Club Works...

  • Sign up for a $99/month subscription by on this page. You can cancel at anytime!
  • Get ANY ONE of FIVE Ayutherapy Treatments per monthly payment (or upgrade to another included service). More details at https://ayutherapy.com/ayubliss/
  • You can add extra services to your visit (using unused subscription credits or at the club member rate) to build a custom package of your choice

Good to know:

**FIVE INCLUDED services are Abhyanga Massage, Shiro Abhyanga Massage, PreNatal Massage, Ayurvedic Facial (all 60 min) OR Shirodhara (45min).

**Upgrade your 1st monthly visit to a Marma Point Therapy (60/90min), Abhyanga (90min), Shirodhara (60min) and receive $125 off your session**

**UNLIMITED $25 coupons available as part of your membership for any of the above mentioned services**

**Monthly INCLUDED sessions are intended for the primary member only and may not be shared with others**

**Member rates prevail as long as membership is active & unused credits do not expire**

**Club discounts may not be combined with any other coupon or promotion or paid via 3rd party gift cards**

**Rejoining is not permitted for at least 3 months after cancelation assuming membership spaces are available**

**TIP > Our schedules get booked quickly, booking in advance is recommended**

**Prices effective May 2023. 30 day notice will be provided to club members in case of price changes**

**Services not listed here do not qualify for club pricing**

**Monthly subscription payment must have been processed before first (included) monthly visit**