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Annual Ayurveda Wellness Club


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Having practiced Ayurveda for nearly 3 decades and worked with 1000+ clients, Vaidya Archana noticed some common trends among her clients. Virtually all of us suffer from imbalances that negatively impact our quality of life. Whether this is derived from a stressful, burdened, perpetual daily routine, from chronic pain, from a sports injury or a combination of factors… diet and lifestyle play a huge part in determining our “wellness”. The opposite of EASE is DISEASE, and Vaidya Archana, through the Annual Ayurveda Wellness Club, will show you how to build and sustain a sense of EASE in your mind, body and spirit, improving your health and wellness through an Ayurveda lifestyle, fending off the likelihood of DISEASE entering the fray!

Join our wellness club to have year-round preventative care and guidance from Vaidya Archana. Think of this like first aid, Ayurveda style. Ayurveda says we should follow seasonal regimens in order to remain closer to our natural constitution, limit imbalances, optimize lifespan and sustain a great quality of life and reduce the chances of your ailments from becoming chronic conditions.

The Annual Ayurveda Wellness Club exists as your guide to keep you on track, in the right frame of mind so you have the right set of tools in your tool kit to thrive from a health and wellness perspective, preventing the onset of illness, addressing stress related issues and to help you succeed in achieving your goals and ambitions without sacrificing your health in the process…