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Weight Loss Package: REDUCE & REVITALIZE


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Want to refresh your skin and shed some pounds without sacrificing your health? The “Reduce & Revitalize” package is a ~30-day program that combines body therapies with a personalized diet to help you lose weight and feel great. You’ll get started with a 45-minute weight-loss consultation and a personalized eating plan to complement your treatment methods. Here's how it works:

STEP 1: After purchasing the program here, you'll book a 45 minute weight loss consultation with our Ayurvedic expert, Vaidya Archana Rao.

STEP 2: During the consult, you will discuss your goals/circumstances with Archana, and she will develop a personalized diet plan that will be designed to act as a catalyst in achieving your weight loss goals, AND help you KEEP THE POUNDS FROM COMING BACK once your program is completed.

STEP 3: Over the next ~4 weeks, we will book you for 8 body therapy sessions (2 sessions per week). These will be 4 x Udvartana + Wrap (1 hour & 30 mins each) AND 4 x Udvartana + Wrap + Sauna (2 hours each)

Here are the therapies you'll experience during your program:

Udvartana (8 x 45 mins) scrubbing massage will be included in your 8 sessions (twice weekly for 4 weeks), and it is a time-tested method for reducing cellulite and increasing blood flow, among other benefits. To further aid in the removal of toxins, inflammation, and the appearance of stretch marks, we apply a Wrap (8 x 45 mins) made of Indian healing clay, seaweed, and other natural ingredients. A Herbal Steam Spa (4 x 30 mins) for skin exfoliation and improvement will be included in four sessions.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: To further optimize the program impact you could consider the following, which will add to the cost slightly.

  • Start a herbal regimen to accompany and accelerate progress. e.g. could include custom compounds to aid digestion.
  • Consider an Ayurvedic anorectal enema program, usually 8 days, for enhanced internal cleansing and strengthening.

We look forward to working with you to progress on achieving your weight management and skin radiance goals. If you have any questions, please call us at 925.575.8700 or email [email protected]

Archana & the Ayutherapy Team